Meet Dr. Jerod and the Uprêvma Family

As the founder of Uprêvma Health, it was my own struggles with gut health that set my family on our journey of discovery. Now we’re ready to share it with yours.

Meet Our Team

You Can Call Me the Bug Doctor

I’m Dr. Jerod Work, a pharmacist and a proponent of preventative medicine—what we like to call “upstream medicine” here at Uprêvma Health.

Over the years, I’ve become an expert in the gut health, probiotic and microbiome fields, and have been coined the “Bug Doc” by many of my physician colleagues for my knowledge of the human microbiota. It’s what led me to help uncover the latest advances in probiotics and synbiotics for gut health, and bring them together in a line of natural supplements for you and your family.

I wasn’t always this focused, however.

Back in 2004, I was struggling with intense gastrointestinal issues that at times debilitated me. I was desperate for a solution that would allow me to live a normal, healthy life.

As a young pharmacist and proponent of standardized Western medicine, I subjected myself to the standard battery of tests at a major Midwestern medical center. In the end, the only solution offered to me was to take medication—proton pump inhibitors [PPIs], designed to suppress my stomach acids—for the rest of my life.

As a pharmacist, I knew PPIs are only intended for short-term use, not decades. The human body was created to use (and need) stomach acid; long-term suppression is not a healthy or holistic option.

Thus began my voyage “upstream,” to find the root cause of my ailment. It quickly became a mission and passion for me, and through years of dedicated research and exploration, I started finding many concepts for healing the guy through natural and nutritional therapies. I built and sold my first probiotics company, and then had the blessing of being connected with an innovative research team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who were studying novel sources for probiotic bugs.

My decades of experience told me that the crew at UNL’s Food for Health Center had discovered something truly unique for gut health, and we quickly teamed up to bring you the best probiotic and prebiotic ingredients we’ve ever found. Check out our products, learn more about the research and science behind our natural solution, and get ready to start your own voyage to better health outcomes through optimal gut health.

Let’s gut healthy together!

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Our multi-faceted group includes talents across sectors. Our team’s combined 80+ years of expertise in academic research, biotechnical entrepreneurship and business development lays the foundation for creating real solutions for gut health.


At Uprêvma, we believe that downstream problems can have upstream solutions. Uprêvma Health, LLC’s vision for optimal well-being focuses on strategic prevention and support of a healthy gut to provide positive health outcomes for our client.


Our mission is to offer premium, gut-health promoting nutritional supplements that are scientifically sound, rationally designed, and backed by research.