The Science


Ecologically Advanced™ Probiotics

While most other probiotics come from the food industry, dairy industry or the soil itself, our probiotics are native to humans. It all started with talented researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who theorized that the most robust, most health-promoting probiotic bugs for humans would have to come from humans themselves.

Over the course of a decade, researchers identified the best performing bacteria in human stool samples, and then began isolating and growing those bacteria on a commercial basis.

Because these bacteria are native to the human body and have been observed for safety and efficacy over the past decade-plus, we have full confidence—backed up by clinical trials—that Uprêvma can produce positive health benefits.

Synergistic Synbiotics ®

Synbiotics are the next generation in microbiome support. These revolutionary supplements combine a probiotic (a microorganism that has a proven benefit for human gut health) and a prebiotic (a fiber source that helps organisms already present in the gut), all in the same capsule.

Our partners at UNL have since taken this double benefit one step further to create Synergistic Synbiotics™.

The process involves a proprietary way to identify the best fiber to feed the coupled probiotic in the capsule. In other words, Synergistic Synbiotics provide a beneficial organism that can survive in the human gut, and then give that organism the right food source to make sure it’s successful once it gets there.

Synergistic Synbiotics are rationally designed to pack more of a punch, because the prebiotic feeds both the probiotic species and the native species in your gut.

At Uprêvma, we collaborate with academic research groups to specifically and rationally pair our prebiotics and probiotics to create Synergistic Synbiotics that support gut health with clinically backed results. When creating solutions for gut health, we look upstream to find just the right bug, with just the right food, to provide just the right support.