The Theory of Upstream Health

But first, a story…

You might be wondering why the parallels to streams for a gut health company. Here is a story we like to think about:

A man and a woman were fishing in a river. Suddenly, they heard cries of fear and desperation from a child struggling to stay afloat in the water. The two fisherfolk ran to the child and pulled him to safety on the shore. Soon after, they heard another person in need of help—this time a grown man. Once again, the pair raced to the person and helped him up. It went this way for the rest of the afternoon—a cry for help, a quick rescue, and another person sent on their way. Eventually, the fishing couple, tired and exhausted, said to each other, “Maybe we should look upstream and see why so many people are falling in.” As they made their way up the river valley, they found pieces of a fence meant to surround a popular cliff overlooking the river. It was clear that curious travelers, eager to take in the beautiful scenery, were losing their footing without the protective barrier and falling straight into the rapids. Seeing the problem, the fisherfolk retrieved the fencing materials and re-secured them around the overlook so future travelers would be safe. Today, there are still a few accidents now and then, but far fewer than the day the couple spent the day fishing more than their dinner out of the river.

Uprêvma is Upstream Health

Uprêvma is a Greek derivative for the word upstream, and it reflects how we aim to tackle gut health.

By following a problem “upstream” to its root cause, we can find more holistic, longer-lasting solutions with less effort. This is our guiding principle, and the underlying concept for all of our advanced probiotic and prebiotic products.

The market is saturated with probiotic claims these days, but do they offer the right solution to tackle that upstream problem? Our Synergistic Synbiotics™️ are created to naturally survive the harsh environment of the stomach and establish well in the lower GI tract. Once there, our organic probiotics are clinically proven to support healthy gut barrier integrity, which can have ripple effects throughout a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Addressing root causes upstream in prevention rather than downstream in intervention is often wiser and more effective. Let’s gut healthy together!

See the Science

Our mission is to offer premium, gut-health promoting nutritional supplements that are scientifically sound, rationally designed, and backed by research.


At Uprêvma, we believe that downstream problems can have upstream solutions. Uprêvma Health, LLC’s vision for optimal well-being focuses on strategic prevention and support of a healthy gut to provide positive health outcomes for our client.