Sources & Stability

Where do your probiotics come from?

Ironically, most commercially available probiotics marketed for human consumption have origins completely removed from the human gut. Many of the products sold on the shelf are sourced from the dairy industry, food production, or the environment. Most have been tested for human safety only, with no clinical confirmation that they even do anything. While these are not inherently bad, they may not deliver the intended effect so far from their natural habitat.

Just like an alligator might catch a chill in Yellowstone and a grey wolf would get soggy in the Everglades, a microbe in the wrong environment with the wrong resources doesn’t function at its full potential.

Is there a better way? We think there is, and research agrees. Enter the advent of Ecologically Advanced Probiotics™ and Synergistic Synbiotics™.

How are your products produced and shipped to me?

Superior, health promoting products start in research and discovery. With over a decade of dedication, using proprietary methods, the team at University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Food for Health Center have isolated and developed clinically proven ingredients. Following the testing phase, our products are manufactured to the highest standards in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility that meets or exceeds all global requirements.

When it comes to exceptional and efficacious products, quality research and ingredients are only one piece of the puzzle. Maintaining efficacy and stability during production, shipping and shelf storage are just as important. With that in mind, we have intentionally chosen a bottle specifically designed for probiotics: the CSP™ Activ-Vial™.

This special bottle has been purposefully constructed to ensure product stability and efficacy, maximize product shelf life (even without refrigeration), enhance viability of probiotic strains/cultures (CFUs), and protect probiotic potency. This tailor-made bottle is vital in ensuring our customers receive our products in the best manner possible, ready to go to work fostering positive health outcomes.

We are proud of the attention to every detail that goes into formulating and making our health promoting supplements. From discovery to your shelf, and every step in between, we strive to offer you the very best!