The Outcomes — Proven Health Benefits

Fifteen years ago, our research partners at University of Nebraska-Lincoln set out find probiotic strains that not only provide a health benefit, but actually stand a chance at surviving in the fickle and harsh environment of the human gut. All that work has culminated into our first two products, iVE-15™ and iVS-1™.

Both of our current products are members of a bacterial group called Bifidobacterium, a group commonly associated with healthy gut function. Our synbiotic product iVE-15™ has been rationally designed to find a good home in your gut, with a 90% colonization rate in tested samples.

Our probiotic product iVS-1™ is a powerful strain that is clinically proven to support healthy gut barrier integrity, which can have a rippling effect on your health. The dynamic layers of our gut pull double duty, absorbing important vitamins and nutrients, and keeping harmful compounds at bay.

At Uprêvma, we support this important aspect of our health, so nothing “falls through the cracks.”